Our Focus

Helping You Find a Path.

Advantage Pointe is a different kind of business partner. Unlike many research companies that don’t understand strategy and many consulting companies that don’t understand research, we understand both. And we understand how one complements the other. Years of experience have taught us to view research as a tool that can help to solve a single, operational problem or set the foundation for effective strategy development.

With research as the starting point, we develop strategies and market driven solutions that create value and maximize your customers’ experiences at every touch point. That’s the value difference – that’s your advantage!

Advantage Pointe has expertise in three key strategic arenas — business, marketing and branding strategy. In business, strategic decisions are not made in isolation. These decisions overlap in a way that decisions in one area impact the other areas too. That’s why we take a holistic approach that allows you to focus on one, two, or all three areas.

We ensure you don’t lose sight of the effect that changes in one area might have on another. Market research is fundamental to this planning process. We use the right research perspective to help you drill in on a specific issue or, when appropriate, help you take a step back to see the bigger picture.

Let's work together to build long-term success