Business Strategy Consulting

What do you see when you look five years down the road?

What do you see down the road?
Do you know where you want your business to go? Is your organization’s destination clear for tomorrow? Next year? How about five years or more down the road? Have you done the hard work of developing a vision and a mission for your company? Do you have a complete understanding of who your competitors are and how you can win the competitive race in your market? Are you crystal clear on how to allocate your resources for optimum performance?

At Advantage Pointe, we help you develop clarity about these important strategic questions whether your organization is a business or non-profit organization. We don’t simply tell you what your strategy should be, instead we help you gain the confidence to articulate a sound strategy for enterprise growth. We assist you in defining the scope of your organization and structuring your business to maximize success. When appropriate, we help you take that critical step back to gain the perspective to move forward. We coach you to consider strategic alternatives and guide you in examining your planning assumptions. Not only do we help you answer the questions and make choices, we also help you understand what questions should be asked. If a choice doesn’t get you farther down this road, it may not be the right choice.

The key difference between managing a business and a non-profit is the mission and values of the organization, not the business activities that make the organization effective. We encourage non-profits to adopt an entrepreneuial mindset and business smarts when it comes to planning, managing and controlling resources.

We’ve developed a tool kit from our collective experiences that we put to use for you. As consultants and business professionals, we not only use this tool kit ourselves, but we also teach others how to use it.

These tools allow us to conduct a variety of studies for your organization:

  • Internal / Organizational Studies
  • Strategic Planning Process Facilitation
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • New Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Planning Training Workshops
  • Grant Writing
  • Executive Education & Training Workshops
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Customer Defection Studies

Let's work together to build long-term success